Hanoi, Vietnam, 2019

Straying through the streets of the old quarter

Posted by funkbag on November 30, 2019

Hanoi is booming, low budget travelers, expats, locals, .... they all crowd in Hanoi.

While you stray through the streets of the old quarter, you are always on adrenalin.

...parking motorbikes on the sidewalk, tiny street food chairs - and all the other stuff - it's a labyrinth;

and there is a constant noise of a 'get out of my way' like honking concert - be patient - this is local culture, never complain!

The famous train street, they closed it - for tourists - one week after I arrived.

Guess what they are doing? … You are correct, they are waiting for the train to pass the narrow rails between their homes.

Street is life.

Entrance to the old quarter.

Funeral march.


The view from my first Airbnb.

Being Art.

I remember she had a great voice!

The best Airbnb.

Cocktails are great!

Air is not so great!

Coconut Smoothie - my favorite (I am not a fan of egg coffee) - and the book I read in Hanoi.

London Evening - the best cocktail we had in Hanoi @Tadioto

You get all the other classics.

Did you know that Colombian Aged Gin?

The Newspaper - News from Home.

Lucky Grab passenger.

The keys of my motorbike (next to the cocktail).

The best pizza (I am not exaggerating) - THE BEST @pizza4Ps

Spring rolls are somehow important in Hanoi.